Fees and Explantion of Visit


Arrival/Emergency Exam Fee

We have an $89.00 emergency exam fee that is taken upon arrival while you fill out paperwork for your pet.  This covers the doctor's examination.  


Upon arrival your pet will be triaged by one of our staff members to determine if immediate medical attention is needed. 

If your pet is stable you will be taken to an exam room to obtain a brief history of your pet and the current situation.

In the instance that your pet is in need of immediate medical attention, a staff member will take your pet to treatment area to begin treatment/stabilization with one of our veterinarians. 


In non-life threatening instances your pet will be examined by our veterinarian on duty.  After explaining what they have found upon their exam, they will create an estimate for you to approve.  No treatment will be done without your consent. 

In the event of a life threatening emergency, the goal is to stabilize and then discuss treatment options. 

Treatment and Hospitalization

There are times that we may have to take your pet to the treatment area depending on treatment needed.  It is not always feasible to have an owner in the treatment area as there may be hospitalized patients resting or receiving treatment. 

If your pet is hospitalized, please feel free to call and check on your pet.